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Locate a Distributor

MTH sells its products through a select list of qualified Representatives and Distributors. In some cases, where volume and customer requirements demand, we will sell directly to OEM's, but prefer to utilize our distribution organization to facilitate the personal touch that local customer service can provide. Please review the list of Representatives and Distributors below to find a qualified pumping system professional to assist you. In cases of volume potential we would be happy to arrange a conference call or visit by one of our highly experienced application or product engineers in addition to our local representative and/or distributor.

Pump purchases are fulfilled via drop shipment direct from the factory or from your local distributor's office if they stock the unit you are looking for. Our availability commitment is to stock and make our standard catalog items available normally in 3-5 days. In emergency situations, MTH can also expedite shipments in as little as 1 day for an additional expedite charge. Please consult your local Representative or Distributor below for further details or contact us directly for immediate questions and a specific referral to one of the organizations below.

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